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My Story

My name is Helfi. I am a European clairvoyant and clairaudient living in Los Angeles.  Since I can remember, I've always had this gift, but I've been using it professionally for the past 20 years. 

Clairvoyant:  The term clairvoyance (from French clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision") is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known senses.
Clairaudient:  In the field of parapsychology, clairaudience [from late 17th century French clair (clear) and audience (hearing)] is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires information by paranormal auditory means. It is often considered to be a form of clairvoyance.

I grew up in a family of "intuitive" women that went back for generations. My first indication that I had this gift was when I was very young, but I did not understand it.  When I would go to sleep I was afraid because I could feel the spirits all around talking to me.  I cannot define what it meant, but I knew that I was surrounded by these spirits.  My grandmother died on my birthday which in the spirit world means she is going to be close to me and protect me all my life.  At 12 years of age, I started to do what I later learned is called "lithomancy" or the psychic art of reading stones.  I never learned this art from anyone or was ever exposed to it but started it as a little game I made up by myself to help me know what was going to be on my tests at school.  I was always right!  Later I learned what lithomancy actually was but my technique of reading stones is like nothing I've ever seen, and I'm still on my own journey to learn what my technique of lithomancy is and from what it is derived. 

My grandmother, who I was very close to, had the gift of healing and the "laying of hands" and people from all over Europe would come to see her when they had a burn or blemish, cysts, aches and other ailments and she would heal them.  She also would heal intuitively by using herbs and plants from the garden and forest.  My mother has the same gift as my grandmother, but at an even more developed level.  She is able to heal people even over the telephone.  This gift of healing seems to be something that is passed down from generation to generation because my mother did not have this gift until her mother passed away and then she suddenly inherited as if it had been left to her by her mother. 

When I was 15 years old, I bought my first Tarot (Tarot de Belline) and the instruction book that went with it.  I realized that the book was not in accordance with my own intuition, which was always accurate, while the book was not. That was the beginning of my journey as a psychic. I never took classes or followed a master. I feel that the tarot has been part of me for many lives.  Using the tarot to help guide you is my favorite tool to be helpful and loving in a spiritual way. 

I have discovered that I have the gift of removing unwanted spirits. They can block your life, the opportunities and ultimately your joy and happiness. My desire to help comes from a personal place. I know this problem very well and that's what gave me the strength to help people who are suffering with that.    

With my energy I am able to transform your energy during and after a reading.  The people I help feel a transformation in their mood and outlook... I help to heal the inside and the spirit. 

I consider myself a human satellite system because I can channel guides, loved ones who passed away, animals and Beings of Light So for 20 years, I use my powerful gifts to help you and to give you answers about relationships, love, soul-mates, business, contracts, success, money, and health.                      

I am gifted at making you successful !



Fast Reading


15 min — $45

This session consists of me answering your "yes or no" questions about 1 specific topic while also intuitively jumping in with answers that are channeled to me from the spirit world for questions that you may or may not have asked. I will use my favorite tarot to pick your energy and carefully tuned to my channels to receive precise answers and details. This session is perfect for people who wants quick answers in a short amount of time on one specific subject and it's a great opportunity for you to get to know me and experience my intuitive sensibilities.    


Tarot Reading


30 min — $80 |  60 min. — $140

Face to face via Skype, I will answer your questions regarding relationships, love, soul-mates, money, career, business, and contracts.  I can help you see your future for the upcoming few weeks.  During this tarot reading, I will also intuitively channel information which I hear and see from the universe which will be useful to you.  This is a very personal and intimate reading because I use my favorite Tarot cards as my tool to channel information.  I will use  my two favorite sets of Tarot cards : "L Oracle de Belline " and " L'Oracle Bleu".


Tarot Reading (In Person)

    Sherman Oaks Office Reading    

30 min. — $100 |60 min. — $180

This session will be face-to-face, in person at my Sherman Oaks office for this special in depth and personal experience.  The benefit of an "in person" reading to you is that in person, you will absorb my energy while I can simultaneously read yours and I am able to send you calming, peaceful, and intuitive energy.  This two way energy flow helps you feel calm and more intuitive at the end of the session.  I will answer your questions regarding relationships, love, soul-mates, money, career, business, and contracts.  I can help you see your future for the upcoming few weeks to years ahead, depending on the experience.  During this tarot reading, I will also intuitively channel information which I hear and see from the universe which will be useful to you.  You can ask as many questions as you wish during the session.  This is a much more personal and intimate reading because of love of my Tarot cards as my tool to channel information as well as it being face to face in person.  I will use  my two favorite sets of Tarot cards "L Oracle de Belline " and " L'Oracle Bleu" as well as my pendulum.

BONUS: Includes Tarot Reading ( 1h online or in Person ) Plus, Extra Loved Ones for small fees. ( $20 per loved ones )


Medium Reading

    Skype/Facetime/In Person (Sherman Oaks Office)      

30 min. — $120 |60 min. — $240


During this session, I will use my gift to channel your deported Loved Ones.This package is for the broken hearted and grieving who are looking to find peace and closure. A real healing will happen during the reading. 


Body and Mind Healing

Skype/Facetime/In Person (Sherman Oaks Office)

30min : $140 |60min:$280

 This package is for those who wants to be pain free.( emotional and physical ). By working mentally, I will heal your back, your joints, your organes, your heart

etc … .You will be rebalanced and rejuvenated. During a session, you will feel a real sense of self and you will be YOU again ! 

Cleaning Energy

Skype/Facetime/In Person (Sherman Oaks Office)

30min : $140 |60min:$280

This session is for those who feels stuck in their life and experiences blockages in many ways. During a session, I will see the unseen, and take away what’s on your way to be successful. Sometimes, few sessions are needed, depending on the type of magic used or the number of entities.

Magic Removal

$80 per candle

Do you feel bad situations are happening again and again ? Are you stuck in your personal life ? Do you feel cursed ? I can help you. Removal of magic is one of my strongest skill. I use candles to get ride of that. I don’t need you physically for this process. My technic is a real game changer. It’s often necessary to do few candles to feel magic free. (Depending on the type of magic used, how long time you are in this situation etc …)

15min Diagnostic : $40

Before starting the process with the candle, I need to do a diagnostic by FaceTime or Skype. During this 15min, I will define what type of magic was used and how to process to get rid of this magic.

Extensive Energy Cleaning

In person / apartment-house-building

$400 to $1000 (based on the space and the numbers of entities)


This package is to do an overhaul of all negative energies in your space. I channel unwanted spirits and help them to transition where they have to go. It's a mix of clearing your space and realign your soul. It's an old shaman practice to help you to feel good in your space again.  

Feng Shui

In person / apartment-house-office

($300 to .... based on the space )


Do you want to improve your life? The Feng Shui is the answer! By transforming your home and rebalancing the energies, you can see some real changes in your life. If you don't sleep well at night, if you are looking to meet your soulmate, if you have some difficulties in your career etc..., the Feng Shui can help!

In this package, included a clearing of your apartment/house/office with an old shaman practice to help you to feel good in your space again.

Special Events/Parties

Do you have an event or party?  I will come to you!  Please email with details and I will get back to you promptly with my rates.

E-mail starhelfi@gmail.com for a quote.

Script Consultation

Do you want to make sure that your script  (TVshows/Movies) about paranormal is on point? Are you close to the Reality?  Do you want more details to expand your text and sequences? 

Consulting for psychic/paranormal and related topics

E-mail starhelfi@gmail.com for a quote.


  • All "Skype Readings" must be paid in advance via Paypal or Venmo.

  • A cancellation fee will be applied for any Skype or in-person appointments that are not cancelled or re-scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

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— Hope K.


Seeking a quality Tarot & Psychic Reader who is attuned to the light? Visit @helfi_star! She read for me five months ago, and everything she shared has come to pass in beautiful ways. Her divine insight caused me to pause & reflect on important aspects of my life, which fueled me to create from my heart in more powerful ways. I am very mindful who I go for these kinds of exchanges. Her energy is clear. She is filled with light. I recommend her truly.
— TUESDAY MAY THOMAS, Author & Educator (Los Angeles, CA - USA)

“Let @Helfi_Star be your guide through your transitional time. She knows how to guide you ( I don’t know how, but she knows. <3 She helped me twice already, years apart, and both time were difficult in my life. She was right on every subject of my life. I am grateful to know her and I highly recommend her. “
— Fotei, Footwear Designer & Maker (Milan - Italy)

For two years, I have known Helfi. In every important period during these two years, she gave me very good tips. By Skype and Viber, Helfi used her gift for my professional, sentimental and family life. She not only answered all my questions, but she was also able to predict events. During these two last years, she followed the production of our movie « TWOLINES ». None of her predictions were false : all the problems we had in production, rendering delay, people who were not trusted …She was even able to give the key periods ! In my personal life, she knew when I would have difficulties. That was very helpful for me. Because of that, I was able to anticipate things better, to understand them and to be calmer. Helfi is a spiritual person. She cares about humanity. Her gift and her energy are not her only assets. Her attention, her vision of life and her light make her an uncommon and honest person. Today her tips and her sensations are an integral part of my life, not that I do not listen to myself - my life and my choices are mine - but a man may sometimes not have the necessary perspective face to a situation, an experience. She follows my career as an actor and director, her comments are always right. One important thing: Helfi can give answers, but she is also a window, a prism, a guide on our path. The only one who must move forward on his own path, is her client.
— Nicolas Van Beveren, Actor & Director (Paris - France)
I met Helfi with the social media Instagram. I’ve been asking myself why she has all those positive pictures without weird posts... I decided to get her website and then ask for a consultation. My feeling told me to email soon as possible. I did contact Helfi and I had an appointment for an hour. Between you and me, I was surprised about her personality and calm. She read my cards and transferred my questions to “spirits”. Now I feel more confident and keep pushing my work harder with her advices. Her vision was clear and honest. People, if you need answers about your future? The only one in L.A that I recommend is Helfi.
— GEM DANOIS, ACTOR & Fighter & SJJIF World JiuJitsu Champion 2014 (Los Angeles, CA - USA)

In my session by Skype, Helfi communicated with me in straight-forward manner. It was as if I was talking with someone about the weather. She’s well grounded in what she does. During my session, she pulled the cards and interpreted them for me, and again and again the same card kept being pulled, which was new beginnings. She then communicated to me the message from the spirit guides that my summer was going to be full of new experiences, I was going to move, and my relationship with my family was going to be healed. And aside from a few minor details that I inquired about she was extremely accurate. Over the summer both of my parents died, whom I lived with. So I had to move and through the loss of my parents my sisters and I have bonded together in a way like siblings ought to. In fact, my relationship with my family is much stronger and more loving than it was when my parents were with us. And through the hardship that has transpired this year, I’ve been growing and molding in a way that I didn’t know was possible. Everything is truly new in my life. It’s as if I have a new life within the same lifetime. So, I’m sharing this story in hope that those whom Helfi is able to reach in her life will have more faith in spirit and in the messages she gives.

Contact Me

To make an appointment or to get a quote, use the form or contact me by email: starhelfi@gmail.com



  • All "Skype Readings" must be paid in advance via Paypal.   
  • A cancellation fee will be applied for any Skype or in-person appointments that are not cancelled or re-scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

I believe in the element of human contact and connection, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my services.                    

Light + Serenity,


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